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Hello, I am Dr. Jeff Grover and welcome to our portal, where we offer Bayesian Belief Networks as a service using our propritary BayeSniffer (TM) algorithm.

We are pleased to offer you Bayesian data analytically products and services.

We programmed on the constructs of Bayes’ Theorem as it applies to Bayesian Belief Networks. What is so unique and amazing is that we use this type of logic every day in our decision-making processes using our common sense and intuition. Now, we have a mathematical formula to funnel our thought through in making inductive decisions using our subject matter expertise with increasing measures of certainty and not just chance.

We offer Bayesian analytics using an algorithm that sniffs through countable data and transforms that information into business intelligence for decision-makers.

We are unique from our competitors in that our business intelligence results are not created in a “Black Box” but are theoretically reproducible and can be replicated manually.

We do this using the theoretical constructs of Bayes’ Theorem, or BBNs.

We have transitioned our algorithm from a SQL-based to a Python-based protocol.

We have a goal of fetching open data sources and converting these data into business intelligence. We are automating these processes and reporting the posterior probabilities here for everyone to download and use.

We based the concept of our data-sniffing algorithm in our book, Strategic Economic Decision Making. Since it was published by SpringerBriefs in 2013, it has sold over 18,000 electronic chapters or book copies.

We have since, published our second book in this series, The Manual of Strategic Economic Decision Making, (2017). The contents of this site will be a primer for our 3rd book in this series, "Use Cases for Strategic Economic Decision Making".

We are currently operational and are able to provide our products and services to you. We appreciate you taking the time to listen and look forward to partnering with you in the future.

Dr. Jeff Grover

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Grover Group, Inc.


Our goal is to offer to decision-makers & researchers a low cost product or service that takes the information contained in their data and harvest actionable business intelligence.


We present a scientific methodology but specifying hypotheses in a Bayesian manner and then evaluating conditional dependent relationships in the data to revise our initial hypothesis. This is how we are different from our competitors. Not only do we do hypothesis testing but we can replicate our results manually if required. We do not offer a Black Box methodology but one that is grounded in scientific reasoning.

Our product offering includes research reports using the BayeSniffer generated Bayesian Belief Network probabilities. These include the counts and the priors, likelihoods, marginal, and conditional or posterior probabilities. We offer this as a product in the form of a modified research report containing the hypotheses and accompanying results as just mentioned.

As an example, please review this White Paper on Terrorism as a typical research product @ Terrorism White Paper.

We charge by the hour using pre-negotiated rates and required number of hours.

As projects begin, they may have requirements out of scope with the original terms and agreements. We welcome this mission creep with re-negotiation.

Most importantly, customer satisfaction is critical and we will meet all pre-negotiated terms and conditions.

Please note than our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use remain in effect during the life of our product production.


Our services include data all types of machine learning data analytics to include Bayesian data analytics. We have the technology to pull raw data from servers and data portals and run out BayeSniffer (TM) algorithm on the data to provide real time business intelligence on the data. Please visit PoT to see samples of this capibality.

This is just an introduction to this service. Please feel free to contact us for any additional questions.

Please note than our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use remain in effect during the life of our product production.