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Welcome to the Probability of Things data portal. The files below are hands-free downloads of the respective datafiles as indicated in each category. These are examples of our automated data analytics as a service we offer. We fetch these files from the original source in real-time, conduct Python data analytics, and then upload them to our OneDrive server for downloading. These are demonstrations of our services and if you have data that requires real-time automated data analytics, please contact us. In addition, we have a paid service where you can download this data and more (data highlighted with $). We hope you enjoy our services and if you have any open data interest, please let us know as well. Dr. Jeff Grover @ 270-312-8077.

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Market News

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Chicago Crime 2001-present

Source link: Updated daily

Louisville, KY, Crime data Updated daily

Consumer Complaints

Consumer Complaint Database Updated daily

Insurance Company Complaints, Resolutions, Status, and Recoveries


NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) - Recalls Updated daily

NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) - Recalls


FREDCast Summary Daily Report (ARIMA Report)

Unemployment Rate (UNRATE) | Percent, Seasonally Adjusted | Monthly | (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

All Employees: Total Nonfarm Payrolls (PAYEMS) | Thousands of Persons, Seasonally Adjusted | Monthly (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

Real Gross Domestic Product (GDPC1) | Billions of Chained 2009 Dollars, Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate | Quarterly | (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: All Items (CPIAUCSL) | Index 1982-1984=100, Seasonally Adjusted | Monthly (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

FRED FOREX Daily Exchange Rate Series ARIMAs (300 day)

FRED Foreign Exchange Rate (FOREX) Summary Daily Report (ARIMA Report)

Trade Weighted U.S. Dollar Index: Broad FOREX (DTWEXB) (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

Trade Weighted U.S. Dollar Index: Major Currencies FOREX (DTWEXM) (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

U.S. / Euro FOREX (DEXUSEU) (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

Japan / U.S. FOREX (DEXJPUS) (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

U.S. / Australia FOREX (DEXUSAL) (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

U.S. / U.K. FOREX (DEXUSUK) (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

Mexico / U.S. FOREX (DEXMXUS) (ARIMA Report) | (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

Bond Yield Curve Series

Corporate Bond Par Yield Curves (HQMCB10YRP, HQMCB5YRP, HQMCB30YRP, HQMCB2YRP) (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

Federal Bond Par Yield Curves (DGS10, DGS1, DGS2, GS5) (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

Quarterly Series ARIMAs (300 day)

U.S. Net International Investment Position (IIPUSNETIQ) (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)

Monthly Series ARIMAs (300 day)

Industrial Production Index (INDPRO) (ARIMA Report)

Weekly Series ARIMAs (300 day)

4-Week Moving Average of Initial Claims (IC4WSA) (ARIMA Report)

Daily Series ARIMAs (300 day)

FRED S&P 500 Daily (SP500), ARIMA (300 day) (ARIMA Report)

FRED 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) (USD) (USD3MTD156N) (ARIMA Report)

FRED CBOE Volatility Index: VIX (VIXCLS) (ARIMA Report)

FRED "Popular Daily Series (DAAA, DBAA, DCOILWTICO, DEXUSEU, DFII10, DFII5, DGS1, DGS10, DGS3MO, DGS5) (Microsoft Excel)

FRED Regression Analysis (SP500 ~ VIXCLS + WILL5000IND + DJIA + VIXCLS) (OLS)

Bureau of Labor Statistics

CPI-All Urban Consumers (Current Series) 12-Month (CUUR0000SA0) (Microsoft Excel w/Charts)


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Failed Bank List (Bayesian analysis)


State of Iowa

Math And Reading Proficiency in Iowa by School Year, Public School District and Grade Level (Bayesian analysis)

US Environmental Protection Agency

US Environmental Protection Agency

Air Data: Air Quality Data Collected at Outdoor Monitors Across the United States (Bayesian analysis)


Hospital Compare Business Intelligence

DoD TRISS (TRICARE Inpatient Satisfaction Surveys (TRISS))" (Bayesian analysis)

"HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems)" (Bayesian analysis)

"Healthcare Associated Infections" (Bayesian analysis)

"Payment and Value of Care" (Bayesian analysis)

"Readmissions & Death-VA" (Bayesian analysis)

"Unplanned Hospital Visits" (Bayesian analysis)