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Hello, I am Dr. Jeff Grover and welcome to our portal, where we offer Bayesian Belief Networks as a service using our propritary BayeSniffer (TM) algorithm.

We are pleased to offer you Bayesian data analytically products and services.

We programmed on the constructs of Bayes’ Theorem as it applies to Bayesian Belief Networks. What is so unique and amazing is that we use this type of logic every day in our decision-making processes using our common sense and intuition. Now, we have a mathematical formula to funnel our thought through in making inductive decisions using our subject matter expertise with increasing measures of certainty and not just chance.

We offer Bayesian analytics using an algorithm that sniffs through countable data and transforms that information into business intelligence for decision-makers.

We are unique from our competitors in that our business intelligence results are not created in a “Black Box” but are theoretically reproducible and can be replicated manually.

We do this using the theoretical constructs of Bayes’ Theorem, or BBNs.

Our algorithm is housed in our secure local server where client data is stored to offer a more secure layer of data privacy and maximum protection against compromise. Our web portal is also SSL secured.

We based the concept of our data-sniffing algorithm on our book, Strategic Economic Decision-Making: Using Bayesian Belief Networks to Solve Complex Problems. Since it was published by SpringerBriefs in 2013, it has sold over 12,600 electronic chapters or book copies.

We are currently operational and are able to provide our products and services to you. We appreciate you taking the time to listen and look forward to partnering with you in the future.

“The DataSniffer”

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Our goal is to offer to decision-makers & researchers a low cost product or service that takes the information contained in their data and harvest actionable business intelligence. The way do it is by either uploading either your clean data or by cleaning your data for a fee and preset our BBN algorithm for your service.

Two options are available to you and are listed below. You just provide us with your data and we will clean it and upload it to our server within 24 hours so that you may begin your data analysis. Payment options are below for review based on your needs.

Pay for Usage Option. You can opt to register and buy tokens to conduct a Bayesian Belief Network analysis. We will upload your data to our server and allow you to run queries either online or depending on the processing time, we will deliver it to you via email for follow on statistical analysis.

Pay for Service Option. You can opt for us to clean and upload your data onto our server, conduct an analysis using hypothesis testing, and then provide you with the raw statistical results in the form of Microsoft Excel or text files. Our fees are based on the size of the data and the cleaning and preparation time.

We also offer other hybrid options available based on prior arrangements with our clients. We understand and will facilitate these changes to meet our client needs. Please feel free to coordinate a product Demo, as required.

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